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OOTD @ Dino Parc πŸ¦•

RO: Inca de la 4-5 ani, pe langa planete si Univers, una dintre pasiunile mele a fost legata de dinozauri! Asa ca aceasta excursie nu a fost pentru mine de acum, Andrei la 25 de ani, ci pentru Andrei de acum 20 de ani.Β πŸ€“

Recomand cu drag tuturor celor care sunt in apropierea orasului Rasnov sa viziteze atat cetatea medievala cat si parcul cu dinozauri!Β πŸ¦•


EN:Β Even since I was 4-5 years old, besides the planets and the Universe, one of my passions has been linked to dinosaurs! So this trip was not for the present me, 25 years old Andrei, but for 20 years ago Andrei.Β πŸ€“

I kindly recommend to all those who are near the town of Rasnov to visit both: the medieval fortress and the dinosaur park!Β πŸ¦•


P.S. – Asa se incheie excursia mea din weekend-ul trecut… Inainte spre urmatoarea!Β 

P.S. – This is how my last weekend’s trip ends… Looking forward to the next one!




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