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RO: Urmarindu-mi dashboard-ul pe Instagram in urma cu cateva zile, am observat ca a devenit un ‘trend’ crearea de outfit-uri in diverse compozitii vizuale (a.k.a. Polyvore), mi s-a parut o super idee… Nu am stat deloc pe ganduri avand in vedere ca e destul de dificil sa gasesti (in blogosfera romaneasca) o inspiratie precisa in ceea ce inseamna un outfit masculin realizat corect (in special din punct de vedere cromatic), asa ca va invit pe toti pe profilul meu de Polyvore, desi la capitolul texturi si tesaturi mai am ceva de invatat, din punct de vedere cromatic imi asum totul, cu incredere! Enjoy…

polyvore001EN: I was scrolling down on my dashboard on Instagram a few days ago and I observed that it became a ‘trend’ to create different outfits as a visual composition (a.k.a. Polyvore), I found it pretty cool… Without wasting anymore time concidering that there is pretty difficult to find (in the Romanian blogosphere) a precise inspiration to help you realize a correct masculine outfit (especially chromatically); I invite you all on my Polyvore profile, though when it comes to textures and fabrics I still have to learn some things, chromatically I assume that everything is okay, trust me! Enjoy…



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