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Classy Neo Gypsy 🌹

RO: Am simtit nevoia sa revin pe blog cu un outfit total opus celor prezentate in ultima perioada (sport); Si ce era mai potrivit decat un look Neo Gypsy!? Este una dintre zonele mele preferate cand vine vorba de street style. De ce? Pentru ca te poti juca cu piese vestimentare destul de clasice ducandu-le in diferite zone, paradoxale celor pentru care au fost croite. 🌹

Nu stiu ce se intampla insa in ultima perioada am inceput sa port destul de des rosu, o fi de bine… 🤔 Fiti pe faza, urmeaza tinutele de festival in care o sa va dau cateva idei de accesorii DIY! Abia astept sa va arat ce v-am pregatit… 🤓


ENI felt the need to come back with an outfit totally opposed to those recently presented (sporty); And what’s better than a Neo Gypsy look? It’s one of my favorite zones when it comes to street style. Why? Because you can play with quite classic clothing pieces, leading them to different areas, paradoxical to those for which they were cut. 🌹

I don’t know what’s going on but lately I started to wear quite often red, it’s okay, I guess… 🤔 Stay tuned, the festival looks are coming and I will give you some ideas for DIY accessories! I can’t wait to show you what I’ve prepared for you… 🤓


P.S. – Si acest outfit, daca va place, il puteti vota pe profilul meu de Chictopia, dar si pe Lookbook.

P.S. – You can also vote this outfit on my Chictopia profile, or hype it on my Lookbook profile.


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Festival Look #1


RO: Pentru inceput va invit sa dati play piesei de mai sus, am gandit acest outfit si am editat fotografiile de mai jos cu aceasta melodie pusa pe repeat.

Odata cu venirea Verii a inceput si explozia de festivaluri… Din fericire sunt din ce in ce mai multe, din ce in ce mai diversificate si din ce in ce mai calitative. Doar ce m-am intors de la unul, unde m-am simtit extraordinar.

Cu acest articol as vrea sa incep o serie de idei de outfit-uri de festival, am sa prezint diverse stiluri vestimentare pentru diverse temperaturi meteorologice… Din punctul meu de vedere festivalurile sunt unele din locurile perfecte pentru a iti exprima vizual individualitatea; Am sa incep aceasta serie cu un outfit inspirat de stilul Neo Gypsy (stil care ma inspira mult in ultima perioada); O tinuta lejera, perfecta pentru o zi ceva mai racoroasa.


EN: Firstly I invite you press play on the song above, I created this outfit & edited the pictures below while listening to it on repeat.

Once with the Summer‘s arrival the explosion of festivals begun… Fortunately the number of festivals grew this year, also becoming more diverse and more qualitative. I’ve just came back home from one, I felt amazing there.

With this article I would like to start a series of festival outfits ideas, I will present different fashion styles for different weather temperatures… From my point of view, festivals are one of those perfect places where you can visually express your individuality; I will start this series with an outfit inspired by the New Gypsy style (a style that inspires me a lot lately); A pretty casual outfit, perfect for a cooler day.


P.S. – Si acest outfit, daca va place, il puteti vota pe profilul meu de Chictopia, dar si pe Lookbook.

P.S. – You can also vote this outfit on my Chictopia profile, or hype it on my Lookbook profile.


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