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(MY) Winter Skincare Routine

RO: Iarna e aici, si odata cu temperaturile scazute incep si problemele aspectului nearmonios pentru persoanele cu tenul sensibil (printre care si eu); Motiv pentru care doresc sa dedic acest articol rutinei mele zilnice de curatare, ingrijire si hidratare a pielii (afectata de frig).

EN: Winter is here, and once with the low temperatures the skin’s problems for persons with sensitive skin (including me) are present too; Reason why I wanted to dedicate this article to my daily routine of cleansing, caring & moisturizing my skin (affected by cold weather).


Curatarea, tonifierea si hidratarea tenului. // Face’s cleansing, toning & moisturizing.

RO: Folosesc acest trio (curatare, tonifiere si hidratare) in fiecare dimineata si seara de foarte multi ani de zile; De ce? Toata adolescenta mea am avut probleme cu acneea, iar dupa lungi tratamente situatia a reusit sa ramana sub control, fara cicatrici. Am incercat foarte multe produse de la diverse branduri, momentan Nivea se muleaza destul de bine nevoilor tenului meu.

EN: I use this trio (cleansing, toning & moisturizing) daily, every morning and every evening for years; Why? My whole teenage years I had big skin problems with acne, and after long treatments the situation finally remained under control, without scars. I tried a lot of products from various brands, and right now Nivea fits pretty good my skin’s needs.


RO: Evident ca ma confrunt cu multe ore de somn in minus; Si tot de multe ori mi se cere afisarea unui chip odihnit si luminat… Motiv pentru care gelul anti cearcane e si el prezent rutinei mele (in general dimineata).

EN: Obviously, I deal with many hours of not enough sleep; And also many times I have to show a rested and fresh face… Reason why the anti dark circles gel is also present in my routine (generally in the morning).


RO: Balsamul de buze l-am ‘descoperit‘ acum 2 ani, mereu l-am considerat un moft… Desi in fiecare Iarna ma plangeam de cat de crapate imi sunt buzele (de multe ori pana la sange); L-am incercat, mi-a placut, iar acum face si el parte din peisaj.

EN: I ‘discovered‘ the lip balm 2 years ago, I always considered it a caprice… Even if every Winter I was complaining about the bad condition of my lips (often bloody); I tried it, I liked it and now it’s part of routine too.


RO: Nu folosesc foarte des crema de maini, in general folosesc manusi Iarna… Insa mi se intampla sa se usuce foarte tare pielea de la frig; Am descoperit anul trecut crema aceasta de maini de la Apivita (un brand drag mie deoarece majoritatea produselor lor sunt 98-100% naturale), si de atunci a fost constant prezenta in sezonul rece.

EN: I don’t use hand care cream often, I generally wear gloves during Winter… But it happens to get extra dry hands because of the cold; I discovered this product last year, from Apivita (a brand close to my heart because most of their products are 98-100% natural), since then it was constantly present during the cold season.


RO: L-am testat, mi-a placut, a ramas. Deodorantul cristal, compus din minerale de sare, desi este inodor (nu are miros) blocheaza total posibilele mirosuri neplacute degajate de catre corp. Eu il folosesc si pe post de aftershave, pelicula de minerale de sare care ramane deasupra pielii dezinfecteaza si reduce iritarea pielii.

EN: I tested it, I liked it, it remained. Crystal deodorant, composed from mineral salt, even if it’s odorless it totally blocks the possible bad smells released by the body. I also use it as an aftershave, the mineral pellicle which remains on the skin disinfects and reduce skin’s irritation.

P.S. – In acest articol am prezentat produsele care imi fac mie bine (alese dupa multe incercari), nu fac reclama.

P.S. – In this article I presented the products that fits my skin type (chosen after many tries), it’s not advertising. 


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