LOOK #1 by District FX

RO: Nu stiu cati dintre voi stiti, insa in luna Septembrie am participat la un concurs de street style organizat de District FX; Intamplarea a facut ca eu sa castig marele premiu, adica haine in valoare de 10.000€! 🤪

Odata cu luna Februarie a sosit si primul colet (din cele 12 la numar) cu hainele alese de mine de pe site; Iar daca tot m-am ales cu atatea toale m-am gandit sa va prezint in fiecare luna cate un outfit cu piesele vestimentare comandate. 😁

Primul look este unul de zi, cu influente 90s si mult denim! 👖 Daca doriti sa vedeti si restul pieselor vestimentare pe care le-am comandat va invit mai jos sa urmariti un scurt haul; Si maaare atentie, am si un giveaway pentru voi in valoare de 500 LEI, urmariti clipul pana la final pentru detalii! 🎁

EN: I don’t know how many of you know, but in September I participated at a street style contest organized by District FX; Surprisingly I won the big prize, 10,000 €  in clothes! 🤪

This month, the first package (1/12) with clothes I picked from the site arrived; And I’ve been thinking and decided to present you an outfit with the pieces of clothing I order every month. 😁

The first look is a casual day-outfit, with 90s influences and a lot of denim! 👖 If you want to see the rest of the pieces I have ordered I will invite you to watch a short haul below; Also, I have a giveaway for you (available only in Romania), watch the clip for details! 🎁


P.S. – Si acest outfit, daca va place, il puteti vota pe profilul meu de Chictopia, dar si pe Lookbook.

P.S. – You can also vote this outfit on my Chictopia profile, or hype it on my Lookbook profile.



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