#OOtD in Sighisoara

RO: Alaltaieri am vizitat pentru prima data orasul Sighisoara, si ce pot spune ca prima idee dupa aceasta experienta este: De ce nu l-am vizitat pana acum!? 🤔

Am auzit povesti cum ca ar fi una dintre cele mai frumoase cetati medievale din Europa… Ei bine, asa este! Nu se compara cu nici un alt oras medieval din Romania sau din cele vizitate de mine (in restul Europei). E plin de culoare, cultura, si de oameni primitori cu zambetul pe fete. 🏰

Va las mai jos cateva cadre din cetate, si evident cateva cu outfitul meu destul de rock-grunge… 😂 Si va indemn sa vizitati Sighisoara cat de curand posibil, nu veti regreta! Promit🍻


EN: The day before yesterday I visited Sighisoara for the first time in my life, and my first thought after this experience was: Why didn’t I visit it until now!? 🤔

I’ve heard stories that it may be one of the most beautiful medieval citadels in Europe… Well, it is! It does not compare to any other medieval city in Romania or what I visited (in the rest of Europe). It’s full of color, culture, and welcoming people with smiles on their faces. 🏰

I attached down below a few photos from the fortress, and obviously a few with my pretty rock-grunge outfit😂 And I urge you to visit Sighisoara as soon as possible, you won’t regret it! I promise🍻







P.S. – Si acest outfit, daca va place, il puteti vota pe profilul meu de Chictopia, dar si pe Lookbook.

P.S. – You can also vote this outfit on my Chictopia profile, or hype it on my Lookbook profile.



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