RO: Simti melancolia ultimei zile din aceasta Vara? Eu da, e ca o dulce-amara tristete plina de asteptari neimplinite, dar si momente frumoase care si-au facut prezenta in cel mai neasteptat mod.

Nu vreau sa par trist deloc; Dar din pacate, poti sa iti pui dorinte de fiecare data cand ceasul arata ora 11:11, poti sa arunci milioane de monede intr-o fantana veche si sa proiectezi dorinte catre Univers de fiecare data cand o stea cazatoare lumineaza cerul noptii… Daca nu e sa fie, nu se va intampla.

Fii recunoscator pentru faptul ca totul se intampla cu un scop si ca mereu primim ceea ce meritam… Asa ca diseara cand August moare si Septembrie renaste, suna persoana cu care iti place sa iti petreci cel mai mult timpul si plimbati-va sub lumina Lunii, printre luminile strazii

Iar acum? Ma bucur de un pahar cu vin in timp ce privesc ultimul apus al acestei Veri.

P.S. – Trezeste-ma cand Septembrie se va incheia… Heh!



EN: Can you feel the melancholia of the last day of this Summer? Well I do, it’s a bitter-sweet sadness filled with broken expectations, but also beautiful unexpected moments.

First of all, I don’t want to sound sad at all; Unfortunately, you can make a wish every time the clock strikes 11:11, throw millions of coins into an old fountain and wish on every shooting star that lights up the night sky… If it’s not meant to be, it won’t happen.

Be grateful that everything happens for a reason and we always get what we deserve… So for tonight when August dies and September reborns, call the person you like to spend time with the most and take a walk under the Moon light, through the city lights

And for now? I am just enjoying a glass of red wine while watching the last sunset of this Summer.

P.S. – Wake me up, when September ends… Heh!



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